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For Everyone To See For Everyone To See

Rated 5 / 5 stars

He he he...

Excellent, as all the stuff you submit here.
The same black humour, the same wonderful drawings, kind of insane and definitely unique, immediately recognizable. You've got a constancy that never falls into boredom or repetition. Congratulations for that.

This small animation is really original, and I must confess I had no idea about the ending, even if I was expecting something crual. And I wasn't disapointed. Short and powerful, nightmareful, funny and original, this flash is another demonstration of your huge talent. I also really love your animation that is fantastic. Kind of violent moves (that you often accompany with this windy noise), i like the way you animate what needs to be, without doing too much. For an example making a movement only in the feet at the end, contributes to the peculiar, absurd, and really funny situation.

Good job, you make us dive into this horrible/wonderful atmosphere in a few seconds and don't want to quit it. ever.
Awesome original flash.

Alight Alight

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Sumptuous animation.

Indeed. Very fluid and righteous.

No kidding, those small characters are absolutely beautiful. And the beginning is very poetic. Everything is well done, and it appears to be a very nice illustration of the classic impossible love story due to the characters differences. Those small characters are definitely very cute, and they are very expressive, just with their eyes and corporal expressions. In that, it's amazingly thought and concretized. The way the water girl discovers her body is made with a rare poetry, and she's fantastically feminine, while this fire boy, on the contrary very curious and excited is touching too cause he's kind of human on a way.

I'm though a bit disapointed that we just graze them. As soon as they are introduced, they almost vanish, and they don't come back. I think it's really damage to lose them that soon, before they can become really interesting. We can just have an awesome preview, finally. And unfortunately we can't dig deeper in them and can't give them the attachment they diserve, cause you don't allow us to, by ripping them off from the watcher.

The story is still (quite) coherent despite its abstract and symbolic sides, but I really think you lose something evincing your heroes in the middle of the video. Cause even if they float on a latent way on the whole video, they disappear in the shape we want to see them.

Anyway, overall it's an excellent job. Every part, every aspect of this work is done with an excellent taste and it shows an incredible sense of observation. Showing us details of such quality is impressive. From the last breath of the water girl, to the smoke, the movements of the characters, everything is brilliant. The fast movements are perfectly realized too, and I appreciate the great variation of cinema shots (i hope it's the right english word) and the use of the quake. In a very strange a desertic landscape, I must confess you used perfectly the space and we are never lost.

So for me it's a very good, coherent, and greatly realized work, well articulated around a nice and poetic story. The music suits well.
9/10 and 5/5.

You Roast My Beef You Roast My Beef

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ha ha !

Great !
That was a good idea and you realised it very well. The animations are really cool and fluids, and the drawing rocks. And even if it's a graphic effort more than everything, i must confess that the sounds are really bringing something powerful in this small movie. Those horrible screams are totally awesome.
The overall was really enjoyable and very funny, and the shortness of the vid makes it have something burlesque. The mix between real video and animation is one of the best i saw since roger rabbit.
Very good job.

molkman responds:

Cool, thanks for the review. :>